aircraft assembly dock

AVIC Aircraft Component Assembly Dock

Industry: Aviation Industry Customer: AVIC Product: aircraft component assembly dock The assembly dock platform is made of aluminum alloy with stong strength, light weight and long service Tailored to fit the aircraft component perfectly Equipped with sliding tread and quick removable guardrail Anit-slip step and checkered floor c/w rubber bumper at the side may contact […]

mobile oil tanker loading platform

Portable Oil Tanker Ladder with Safety Protection Caged Railing

Industry: oil tanker Customer: Amaizi chemical (Yunnan) Co., Ltd Product: oil tanker ladder Aluworkplatform developed one new products of oil tanker ladder, tanker ladder is mainly made of aluminum alloy with light weight except the blue chassis is made of steel. there is equipped with safety protection caged guardrail, the guardrail will protect the safety […]

aluminum walkway for paper machine

PMP Paper Machine Walkway

Industry: Pulp & Paper Machine Customer: PMP Product: aluminum walkway system for paper machine The aluminum walkways are tailored to suit the paper machine optimally More convenient to access the equipment Maximally guaranteed the safety of the operators with guardrail system Modular design, easy assembly at site Made of aluminum with strong strength, good corrosion […]

STAECO (Rizhao) Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Industry: Aviation Customer: STAECO (Rizhao) Product: height adjustable passenger stairs, general step platforms   Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured 4 passenger stairs and 73 sets of general step platforms for STAECO (Rizhao). STAECO (Rizhao) is a company who specialized in aircraft maintenance, repairing and overhauling. Passenger Stairs The passenger stairs are height adjustable from 3200mm to 4200mm, […]

aircraft maintenance dock

Aircraft Docking System for Big Military Aircraft Painting

Industry: Aviation Customer: China Military Product: aircraft docking system for big military aircraft painting The aircraft dock system is consist of the nose dock, the fuselage dock, the wing dock, and the tail dock. The docking system is applied for the big military aircraft painting, all the platforms are made of aluminum alloy with light […]

aluminum walkway for wind tower

Gold Wind Aluminum Work Platform for Wind Tower

Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured a series of work platform for GOLDWIND. The ladders and platforms are applied in the wind tower including: universal mobile work platform, lifting platform, and circle walkway system. The platforms are made of aluminum alloy with strong strength, which with light-weigt, good looking and good anti-corrosion. Aluworkplatform already built stable cooperation […]

aluminum mobile stairs

SIEMENS Customized Mobile Height-adjustable Work Platform

Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured 3 types of mobile lifting work platform for SIEMENS. Type 1: The lifting height is 1-1.7M Type 2: The lifting height is 2.3-3.3M; Type 3: The lifting height is 3.5-4.5M; The characteristics of the mobile lifting work platforms: 1. The platforms can be lifted by hand, there equipped with self-lock winch […]

engine maintenance stand

Ameco-Aircraft Engine Maintenance Ladder

aluminum roof walkway

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project- Roof Walkway

Industry: Biulding-roof Customer: Lakesmere Product: Roof Walkway Lakesmere is a British Company who is specilised in roof-building, the company was awarded by  British Queen in 2015. Lakesmere won the bid of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge- Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities – Passenger Clearance Building Roof, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the longest cross-sea bridge in the world, […]