A320 B737 Painting Nose Dock & Tail Dock for GMR Aero in India

Industry: MRO

Customer: GMR Aero Technic

Product: A320 B737 nose dock and tail dock for painting

GMR Aero Technic is chosen as the Best MRO at Wings India 2020 by Civil Aviation Ministry & FICCI.


We have provided one set of nose dock and one set of tail dock for GMR Aero, the dock platforms are 100% designed and manufactured by Halmt, which can fit both A320 and B737 families.

The dock platform are made of aluminum with light weight, good corrosion resistance and long service life, the weight of aluminum is only about 1/3 of steel structure, which is much more easy for operators to move the platform manually, another advantage compare to steel structure, you don’t have to paint the platform every year, it’s maintenance free for aluminum structures.

The nose dock is electrical height adjustable, which is easy to adjust by simple control box, there is two control boxes, operator can control the platform both stand on ground and stand on the platform, there is extending tread to fit different contour of A320 and B737, alarming system will work during lifting process.

There are four floors of tail dock, c/w customized wheel structure, which is convenient for movement, the tail dock can manually moved by 4~5 personnels.

There is also lighting system, power socket and air interface on the dock platform.

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