aluminum cat ladder

Aluminum Caged Ladder Fixed Ladder Cases

Industry: Buildings, Workshop, Thermal Power Plant, etc. Product:…
wind power equipment assembly platform

CSSC Offshore Wind Power Equipment Assembly Platform

Industry: Wind Power Customer: China State Shipbuilding Corporation…
A330 engine maintenance stand

TAP A330-900 Neo Trent 7000 Engine Maintenance Stand

Industry: Aviation Customer: TAP AIR PORTUGAL Product:…
aircraft engine maintenance stand

Ameco A380 Engine Maintenance Access Platform

Industry: Aviation Customer: Beijing Ameco Product: A380…
electrical mobile lifting platform

CRRC Train Maintenance Mobile Lifting Platform

Industry: Rail Vehicle  Customer: CRRC Product: Mobile…
passenger door access stair for wide body aircraft

Beijing Ameco Passenger Door Access Stair for Wide-Body Aircraft

Industry: Aviation  Customer: AMECO Product: Passenger…
offshore platform walkway

Honghua Offshore Oil Drilling Platform Walkway System

Industry: Offshore Oil Drilling Customer: Honghua Product:…
aircraft cabin door access stair

Y8 Y9 Universal Cabin Door Access Stair

Industry: Aviation  Customer: AVIC Product: Aircraft Cabin…
work platform for engineering machinery

SANY Customized Aluminum Work Platform for High-altitude Operation

Industry: Engineering Machinery  Customer: SANY Product:…
customized aluminum platform

Shanghai Electric Offshore Wind Driven Generator Test Platform

Industry: Wind Power Customer: SHANGHAI ELECTRIC  Product:…

MA700 Aircraft Assembly Docking System

Industry: Aviation Industry Customer: AVIC Product: Aircraft…
oil tanker ladder with adjustable height

Taiwan T-Boss Oil Tanker Ladder, Height Adjustable by Winch

Industry: Oil Tanker Customer: T-Boss Product: Oil Tanker…
aircraft assembly platform

Aircraft Component Assembly Platform

Industry: Aviation Industry Customer: AVIC Product: Aircraft…
round work platform for water mill room

Jinping Hydro Power Station Water Mill Room Round Work Platform

Industry: Hydro Power Station Customer: Jinping Hydro Power…
aircraft engine assembly platform

AECC Engine Assembly Dock Platform

Industry: Aviation Customer: Aero Engine Corporation of China Product:…
aircraft tail dock

A320 B737 Painting Nose Dock & Tail Dock for GMR Aero in India

Industry: MRO Customer: GMR Aero Technic Product: A320…
aircraft maintenance docking system

FLARI A320 B737 Universal Maintenance Docking System

Industry: MRO Customer: FLARI Product: A320 B737 maintenance…
custom aluminum work platform

Custom Aluminum Work Platform for Hydro Power Station

Industry: Hydro Power Station Customer: ** Hydro Power Station Product:…
3D print machine work platform

Customized 3D Printer Work Platform

Industry: 3D Printer Industry Customer: Farsoon Product:…
engine maintenance platform

AVIC Aircraft Engine Maintenance Height Adjustable Platform

Industry: Aviation Industry Customer: AVIC Product: aircraft…
aircraft component assembly dock

AVIC Aircraft Component Assembly Dock

Industry: Aviation Industry Customer: AVIC Product: aircraft…
transformer plant work platform

Custom Work Platform for Transformer Plant

Industry: Tranformer Plant Customer: Hengyang Substation Product:…
mobile oil tanker loading platform

Portable Oil Tanker Ladder with Safety Protection Caged Railing

Industry: oil tanker Customer: Amaizi chemical (Yunnan) Co.,…
aluminum walkway for paper machine

PMP Paper Machine Walkway

Industry: Pulp & Paper Machine Customer: PMP Product:…

STAECO (Rizhao) Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Industry: Aviation Customer: STAECO (Rizhao) Product:…
aircraft maintenance dock

Aircraft Docking System for Big Military Aircraft Painting

Industry: Aviation Customer: China Military Product: aircraft…
aluminum round walkway for wind tower

Gold Wind Aluminum Work Platform for Wind Tower

Industry: Wind Power Customer: Goldwind Product: wind tower…
aluminum height adjustable work platform

SIEMENS Customized Mobile Height-adjustable Work Platform

Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured 3 types of mobile lifting…
railway roof maintenance access platform
engine maintenance stand
aluminum roof walkway

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project- Roof Walkway

Industry: Biulding-roof Customer: Lakesmere Product: Roof…
Oman Airport roof walkway

Oman international airport roof walkway

Industry: Building-roof walkway Customer: Lakesmere Product:…

UPM-Paper Machine Walkway

Industry: Pulp and Paper Machine Customer: UPM Product:…
militery aircraft radome maintenance dock

AVIC Aircraft Fairing Maintenance Platform

Industry: Aviation Customer: AVIC Product: aircraft fairing…
Combined portable work platform

Height Adjustable Platform For Military Equipment Maintenance

Military Equipment Maintenance Platform The height adjustable…
pulp machine catway system

Andritz Pulp Machine Walkway System

Industry: Paper & Pulp machine  Customer: Andritz Product:…
electrical height adjustable platform

CRRC Train Maintenance Platform

Industry: Rail Vehicle  Customer: CRRC Product: train…

Military Aircraft Maintenance Platform

Industry: Aviation Customer: China Military Product: aircraft…
helicopter maintenance platform

Helicopter Maintenance Platform

Helicopter Maintenance Platform Made of high-duty aluminum…