FLARI A320 B737 Universal Maintenance Docking System

Industry: MRO

Customer: FLARI

Product: A320 B737 maintenance docking system

Flari, the first independant MRO in Northeast China.

Flari had ordered 3 sets of maintenance docking system which is suitable for both A320 and B737 families, the docking system including nose dock, wing dock, horizontal stabilizer dock, radome stand, passenger door access stair, cargo door access stair, wheel well access stair, main landing gear stand front landing gear stand, APU stand, engine maintenance stand, etc.

Among them, the nose dock, wing dock and tail dock are electrical height adjustable, which is very convenient for operation.

All the docking system is mainly made of aluminum alloy with light weight, good corrossion resistance and maintenance free, it is very easy to move the platform manually , it only need 3~4 personnels even for the big dock platform.

There is rubber protection on the sides may contact with aircraft to avoid any collision and damage to the aircraft, the guardrail functions are customized according to clients’ requirements, some guardrails are height adjustable, some are sliding, some are fixed. there are also extending treads on nose dock and tail dock to fit the aircraft contour perfectly.


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