SIEMENS Customized Mobile Height-adjustable Work Platform

Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured 3 types of mobile lifting work platform for SIEMENS.

Type 1: The lifting height is 1-1.7M
Type 2: The lifting height is 2.3-3.3M;
Type 3: The lifting height is 3.5-4.5M;

The characteristics of the mobile lifting work platforms:
1. The platforms can be lifted by hand, there equipped with self-lock winch and anti-dropping  safety pin, the platform can lifting up and dowm smoothly and effectively, the workers can operate on the platform safetly;

2. There is two adjustable stabilizers on the basement, to make sure the platforms can suit different uneven ground steadily;

3. There is extended panel on the platform, to match the different machine perfectly;

4. There is anti-collision rubber around the platform(basement, stand post, and the end of the extended

+panel), to protect the platform and machine from collision;

5. The steps surface are anti-slip, there is yellow alarm decoration strip on the first and last step;

6. The platform is all made of aluminum with light weight and strong strength, there are 4 heavy duty universal wheels, the platform can be moved flexibly;


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