Aluworkplatform officially re-starts manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled

In the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the workers, Aluworkplatform officially re-start manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled in Hunan. The COVID-19 prevent management group was set up on 10th of Febuary, the first official meeting of the measurement before re-start was held on 12th of Febuary. Epidemic prevention materials Through the online […]

Aluworkplatform Attend Changsha International Construction Exhibition on 15/05/2019

The First Changsha International Construction Exhibition was held on 15/05/2019, Aluworkplatform, as the representative of Ningxiang High-tech Industry Zone, Aluworkplatform attend the exhibition with the well designed products. It is the first large-scale construction machinery industry exhibition in central China, which attracting a large number of enterprises, industry experts, media and tourists to join the […]

CE certified mobile stairs

The Mobile Work Platform Got CE Certificate By SGS

A big step for Aluworkplatform! The mobile work platform got CE certificate by SGS. Material: high-duty aluminium alloy Platform height: 3-5m Finish: anodic oxidation Light-weight, can be easily moved by 1 person

portable stairs with platform

New Customer- Beijing Benz

Benz, one of the top brands in car industry, their cars are sold to all over the world. Aluworkplatform produced a mobile work platform for Beijing Benz. Material: high-duty aluminium alloy Platform height: 2.6m Loading capacity: over 300kg(it is 375kg during the loading test) Finish: anodic oxidation Equipped with liftable handrails and swivel casters

train nose access platform

Aluworkplatform Developed A New Head Maintenance Platform To Fit Different Trains

Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured the new head work platform of train, the platform can fit different trains and rail vehicles. Made of aluminium alloy, light weight, good-looking, long service life; Equipped with heavy-duty casters, brakes and roller bearings; The platform height is electrically adjustable,the platform panels are extended on the side which approach to the […]


Aluworkplatform Attended Hannover Messe in Germany

Aluworkplatform Attended Hannover Messe in Germany at the end of April, 2018 Aluworkplatform Attended Hannover Messe in Germany at the end of April, 2018. HANNOVER MESSE is one of the largest scale industrial exhibition in the world, the products show on the exhibition is with high technologies, the exhibition is recognized as one of the […]

aircraft assembly work platform

Aluworkplatform Completed the Acceptance Inspection of Airbus Tianjin A320 Project

Alumworkplatform completed the acceptance inspection of Airbus Tianjin A320 project, this project is cover 40 difference types of platforms, stairs, steps, tools. Some of them are hydraulic work platforms, some of them are equipped with lighting systems.Some of them are combined with wooden panels. Aluworkplatform accumulated some useful experience during this big project. The customer […]