Aluworkplatform officially re-starts manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled

In the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the workers, Aluworkplatform officially re-start manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled in Hunan. The COVID-19 prevent management group was set up on 10th of Febuary, the first official meeting of the measurement before re-start was held on 12th of Febuary. Epidemic prevention materials Through the online […]

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the Central Committee’s educational work conference on the theme of “not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission firmly in mind” and improve the employee’s awareness and skills of safety production , the safety knowledge competition and Chinese New Year Party was successfully held on January 22! […]

The 2nd new workshop finished acceptance and started production

The 2nd new workshop finished acceptance and started production in January 2020, which helped to increase the production capacity effectively. The 2nd new workshop is applied for products final assembly and storage of the finished goods, the environment is very clean. The construction of the new workshop is a new milestone in the development history of […]

Voluntarily work extra hours to ensure the delivery time

The peak season before Chinese New Year is coming, the productions are very busy, To ensure the delivery time, the workers voluntarily work extra hours at night and even on weekend. The workers have no complains about the overtime work, they understand it is a good thing for both company and them, overtime work means the […]

Halmt team visited Australia BTS for further cooperation in Nov. 2019

The general manager Mr.Chen and the core management team visited Australia BTS in Nov. 2019, Halmt dicussed with BTS regarding the further coorperation in Height Safety Protection Industry and Aircraft Maintenance Industry. The two company will work together to offer more secure, convenient, and beautiful products to the global market.  

Halmt’s MRO access stairs and platforms start service in Beijing Daxing Airport

On September 25, 2019, Beijing daxing international airport, which took 4 years to build and attracted much attention at home and abroad, was officially put into operation.Daxing airport is the largest single terminal and the largest airport in the world. It was named the top of the “new seven wonders” by the Guardian, which is […]

Aluworkplatform Staff Basketball Match Officially Started!

Aluworkplatform staff basketball match officially started! How about doing some sweating and happy sports after the intense work? Simple venue, casual dress, and enthusiatic players! Sometimes the adult’s happiness is just as simple as this moment.

Aluworkplatform Attend Changsha International Construction Exhibition on 15/05/2019

The First Changsha International Construction Exhibition was held on 15/05/2019, Aluworkplatform, as the representative of Ningxiang High-tech Industry Zone, Aluworkplatform attend the exhibition with the well designed products. It is the first large-scale construction machinery industry exhibition in central China, which attracting a large number of enterprises, industry experts, media and tourists to join the […]