Portable Oil Tanker Ladder with Safety Protection Caged Railing

Industry: oil tanker

Customer: Amaizi chemical (Yunnan) Co., Ltd

Product: oil tanker ladder

Aluworkplatform developed one new products of oil tanker ladder, tanker ladder is mainly made of aluminum alloy with light weight except the blue chassis is made of steel. there is equipped with safety protection caged guardrail, the guardrail will protect the safety of the workers when they operate on the top the tanker, there is one swivel caster with brake in front, and two directional casters, which can be easily operated and moved by one person. the height can be adjusted by hand winch to fit different working height requirements. there is two anti-drop pin on both left and right side of the ladder, to avoid accident dropping of the telescopic ladder, we got the oil tanker ladder tested for the loading capacity, there is no any deformation or breakdown when the loading raised to 200kg.

oil tanker loading ladder

aluminum oil tanker loading ladder

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