Aircraft Docking System for Big Military Aircraft Painting

Industry: Aviation

Customer: China Military

Product: aircraft docking system for big military aircraft painting

The aircraft dock system is consist of the nose dock, the fuselage dock, the wing dock, and the tail dock.
The docking system is applied for the big military aircraft painting, all the platforms are made of aluminum alloy with light weight, strong strength, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

All the platforms are height adjustable except the wing dock, and there are two lifting modes,one is input power electrically lifting mode, and another one is hand-operated lifting mode under emergency power off situation.

All the work platforms are equipped with extension pedal to suit the aircraft arc. perfectly when approaching the aircraft, there are rubber bumpers at the end of extension pedals to protect the aircraft from any collision.

There are also two reserved interfaces on each platform, the interfaces are reserved to install the pressed air system and polish, dust removal system.

The platforms are combined, operators can access to the adjacent docks/platforms freely without going down the platform.

There is lots of rooms under the platforms, so the operators and tools can go through without obstruction.

The tail docking platforms are equipped with AGV, which can be easily moved and positioned by remote control.

aluminum aircraft dock

aluminum aircraft dock

Aluminum aircraft maintenance platform

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