STAECO (Rizhao) Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Industry: Aviation

Customer: STAECO (Rizhao)

Product: height adjustable passenger stairs, general step platforms


Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured 4 passenger stairs and 73 sets of general step platforms for STAECO (Rizhao). STAECO (Rizhao) is a company who specialized in aircraft maintenance, repairing and overhauling.

Passenger Stairs
The passenger stairs are height adjustable from 3200mm to 4200mm, top platform size: 1700mm*2500mm.
There is also a small folding platform on the top platform, the height of the folding platform is 5100mm, it can be easily folded and opened.
All made of high strength aluminum alloy except the blue support is in steel.
Modular design, easy assembly by patent extruded profiles and bolts.
Equipped with OEM stabilizer to help the stairs fit the ground stably and perfectly.

General Step Platform
The general step platforms are tailored in several heights according to customers’ needs.
The designs are comply with GB 17888-2008 and EN ISO 14122:2016
Made of aluminum with light weight, good corrosion resistance and long service life.
Can be easily moved and locked by 1 person.

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