Rail Front Access Platforms

Aluworkplatform has many years experience of designing and manufacturing of train access platform.

  • Material : aluminium with light weight, it’s easy to move the platform to the appointed position even for one person.
  • Gear rack mechanical system, lifting driven by storage battery or external power source.
  • There is two control boxes of each height-adjustable platform for better convenient operation, one is on the platform, and another one is under the platform, there is also a alarm system, the alarm will work when the platform is going up or down, and the alarm will stop when the platform stop lifting.
  • Equipped with telescopic treads at the side to approach the train, to fit the train configuration optimally.
  • Rubber bumper on the access platform to protect the train from any damage and collision.
  • The platform can be braked and fixed to the ground by jacks.
  • 3D design, stress analysis and safety analysis will be done before manufacturing.
  • Finish: mill finish, painting, oxidation, or other required treatment.
  • Design standard: ISO 14122, EN1034 or other required standards.

Customized design according to client’s requirements.

train front access platform
electrically operated front working platform
train front working platforn for maintenance
train front maintenance and access stand
rail front working platform for repair
rail front maintenance platform

Aluworkplatform developed several types of train front access platform, all the access platforms are mainly made of aluminum alloy with light weight, good corrosion resistance, and long service life.

Among them, the multi-purpose train front maintenance platform is most popular by our customers, the access platform can suit all the D-series high-speed train in China, which including: RH380AL、CRH380B、CRH3A、CRH5G、CRH2A、CRH2C
The maintenance area covers from the head lights to windscreen. Moreover, the access platform can also be applied for the train front maintenance on ground and rail bridge.

The platform is equipped with industrial grade heavy-duty casters and steel bearing wheels to effectively support the platform at different heights on the ground or on rail bridge. The combined design of casters in large and small sizes can effectively improve the passability when using casters to walk, and all casters and steel wheels can effectively lock the brake.

total weight around 1 tone, only need two personnel to move and locate the platform

Electrically lifting structure, lifting distance is 1.8m~2.8m

Retractable pedal c/w rubber bumper, to ensure that the platform can fit seamlessly with windshield of different train models.

Safety and convenience are embodied in product details: the workers access to the platform via telescopic vertical ladder; there is a self-closing door at the platform entrance, there is also equipped with an additional straight ladder, for the access when there is a distance between rail and ground.