The Advantages of Aluminum Platform Compare with Steel Platform

Why I need to buy a aluminum platform with higher price instead of buying one steel platform with lower price? Many clients may have this question in their mind. Let’s compare the steel platform and aluminum platform from different aspects.

  • Light Weight

Aluminum weight is only about 34% of steel weight, which is much easier to be operated and moved, the aluminum platform will be much ligher than steel platform in same size. the light weight is more convenient for operation, and will also save labor cost.

  • Good Corrosion Resistance

Steel platform will get rusted easily after one or two years use, and it will be unsafe once the rust get worse and worse as the platform might be broken at the rusted area. Or we need get the steel platform painted regularly to avoid rusting, the rusting situation will get worse if the platform is near by the sea, or in the area with humid climate. While aluminum platform with better corrosion resistance can bear the humid climate.

Surface comparison after years of usage

advantage of aluminum platform

  • Better Looking

The surface of aluminum platform looks metallic even if there is no any surface treatment, a good surface look will also reflect the high range of the platform or the matching equipment.

The finish the aluminum platform can also be anodized or powder coated painting, which will help to improve both the looking and corrosion resistance.


  • Functional

The aluminum platform can achieve many useful functions due to ductility of aluminum extrusions. like extending tread, height adjustable guardrail, sliding guardrail, height adjustable platform etc.


The aluminum work platform is widely used in kinds of industries like aviation, aerospace, rail vehicle, pulp&paper machine, hydropower station, wind tower, oil drilling etc. Let’s take B737 aircraft passenger door access stair for example, to compare the aluminum platform with steel platform from different views.

aluminum platform vs steel platform

  1. According to the market in China, the price of aluminum B737 passenger door access platform is about USD4600, and the price of steel B737 passenger door access platform is about USD2900, while after 2 years, the steel platform will get rust and need get painted every year to avoid rusting, the rust will be worse when near by the sea, and the cost of repainting is about USD150~USD300/year, the total cost of the platform will exceed the cost of aluminum platform within 5~10 years.
  2. From Environmental view, usually the hanger or parking apron is not allowed for painting, the steel platform need be pushed out for painting, which will also cost labor to push or transport the steel platform
  3. The steel platform can not be used during repainting period, which will affect the daily aircraft maintenance work.
  4. It will need at least 2 personnels to push the steel platform, while one person can push the aluminum platform easily.
  5. When push the platform to approach the aircraft, It is hard to control the steel platform due to the heavy weight, which may collide with aircraft and cause some damages of the aircraft, while it is much easier to control the aluminum platform due to the light weight.

“There are many companies produce aluminum platform, why should I choose Halmt?” this maybe another question that most of our customer will have in their mind. Let’s see what advantages does Halmt have while compare with other companies

  • We’re a factory possessed of two standard workshops of nearly 12000m², there is over 180 employee, among them 26 are engineers, we have powerful design capacity for customized platforms, our experienced engineering team will offer the professional proposals to the customer.workshop
  • We got ISO9001, ISO14001 certified, some of our aluminum platforms got CE certified.
  • As we all know, aluminum welding is much more difficult than steel welding, while all of our welders got international welding certificate certified by BV.
  • Platform design will comply with related industrial standard like EN12312, EN ISO 14122, EN1915, MH/T3012, GB17888 and or other required standard.
  • Structure and strength analysis, finite element analysis, wind resistance calculation, center of gravity calculation etc.
  • Products funtional test and loading test to guaranttee the safety.products test
  • Combined with electrical system, hydraulic system, mechanical system, pneumatic system, and intelligentized system, to achieve different required functions.
  • Developed over 200 aluminum extrusion profiles with different sections, so the engineer can choose the suitable profile during design process, to achieve the strong strength, light weight, and convenience of manufacturing and assembly.
  • Site measurement is available
  • Modular design, which is convenient for transportatoin and easy for assembly at site.




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