Rail Side Access Platforms

Alu Work Platform has a years experience of designing and manufacturing of train access platform, Most of the train side access platforms are height-adjustable for the operation at different heights, the height adjustable access platform can suit for various train models simultaneously

  • The main material is aluminium with light weight, it’s easy to move the platform to the appointed position even for one person.
  • Gear rack mechanical system, lifting driven by storage battery or external power source.
  • There is two control boxes of each height-adjustable platform for better convenient operation, one is on the platform, and another one is under the platform, there is also a alarm system, the alarm will work when the platform is going up or down, and the alarm will stop when the platform stop lifting.
  • Equipped with telescopic treads at the side to approach the train, to fit the train configuration optimally
  • There is also rubber bumper on the access platform to protect the train from any collision
  • The platform can be braked and fixed to the ground by jacks
  • The 3D design, stress analysis and safety analysis will be done before manufacturing.
  • Finish: mill finish, painting, oxidation, or other required treatment.
  • Design standard: ISO 14122, EN1034 or other required standards.
height adjustable work platform
subway maintenance platform
high-speed train maintenance platform
metro access maintenance platform
aluminum work platform
height adjustable aluminum work platform