Halmt assisted AG600 aircraft finished the maiden flight

The amphibious aircraft AG600 made its maiden flight in zhuhai, south China’s guangdong province on Dec. 24, 2017.

When the big plane boarding ladder designed and made by hualin machinery appeared at 8:20 am in the CCTV live broadcast, all hualin people immediately couldn’t contain their excitement and excitement. The good news of hualin boarding ladder helping to fly AG600 big plane quickly spread in the circle of friends of hualin colleagues.

The boarding ladder is made by avic zhuhai tongfei co., LTD. (avic) for AG600. It is made of aluminum alloy structure with quick payment structure of supporting legs. The ladder is very light and can be operated and transfered easily by one personnel. there equipped with rubber bumper at the side to contact aircraft, and there is yellow warning strip at the first and last step.

Small ladder assist to fly big dreams, Halmt ladder – – step by step higher!

aircraft access stair


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