The Advantages of Aluminum Platform Compare with Steel Platform

Why I need to buy a aluminum platform with higher price instead…

Aluworkplatform officially re-starts manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled

In the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the workers, Aluworkplatform…
2020 New Year

not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission firmly in mind

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the Central Committee's…
New workshop

The 2nd new workshop finished acceptance and started production

The 2nd new workshop finished acceptance and started production…
hardworking empoyees

Voluntarily work extra hours to ensure the delivery time

The peak season before Chinese New Year is coming, the productions…
Australia visit

Halmt team visited Australia BTS for further cooperation in Nov. 2019

The general manager Mr.Chen and the core management team visited…
2019 China National Day
Daxing Airport Service Stairs

Halmt’s MRO access stairs and platforms start service in Beijing Daxing Airport

On September 25, 2019, Beijing daxing international airport,…
basketball game

Aluworkplatform Staff Basketball Match Officially Started!

Aluworkplatform staff basketball match officially started! How…

Aluworkplatform Attend Changsha International Construction Exhibition on 15/05/2019

The First Changsha International Construction Exhibition was…