Oman Airport roof walkway

Oman international airport roof walkway

Industry: Building-roof walkway Customer: Lakesmere Product: roof walkway Oman International Airport roof walkway, the walkways are all made of aluminium alloy with strong strength and light-weight. The walkway surface is anti-slip, the finish is powder coated painting(Akzo Nobel powder), the warranty is 25 years

UPM-Paper Machine Walkway

Industry: Pulp and Paper Machine Customer: UPM Product: Pulp and Paper Machine Walkway UPM, the third company of the world in paper-making and paper machine industry, Aluworkplatform designed and manufactured the Rankee walkway according to UPM’s requirements, the Rankee walkway is an project of UPM in South Africa.

aircraft maintenance dock

AVIC Aircraft Fairing Maintenance Platform

Industry: Aviation Customer: AVIC Product: aircraft fairing maintenance platform Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defence conglomerate, which is also the largest aircraft manufacturer in China. Aluworkplatform has coorperated with many AVIC subsidiary corporations, and provided many aircraft maintenance platforms and docks. The big maintenance platform following is applied for the […]

Combined portable work platform

Height Adjustable Platform For Military Equipment Maintenance

Military Equipment Maintenance Platform The height adjustable platform for military equipment production and maintenance. The platform is made of aluminum with light weight and strong strength, there equipped with extension pedal on both side to suit the equipment optimally, the platform height lifting is driven by electricity, storage power and input power is optional. The […]

pulp machine catway system

Andritz Pulp Machine Walkway System

Industry: Paper & Pulp machine  Customer: Andritz Product: pulp machine walkway Andritz, as one of the largest Paper &Pulp Machine supplier in the world, it has over 280 brands all over the world, Aluworkplatform has cooperated with Andritz over 9 years, Aluworkplatform provided many walkway systems to suit Andritz pulp&paper machine equipment every year. The […]

electrical lifting platform

CRRC Train Maintenance Platform

Industry: Rail Vehicle  Customer: CRRC Product: train maintenance platform CRRC is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies. The platforms designed and manufactured by Aluworkplatform are applied for the train maintenance, the platforms are electrically height adjustable, the platform is all made of aluminum alloy […]

helicopter maintenance platform

Helicopter Maintenance Platform

Helicopter Maintenance Platform Made of high-duty aluminum alloy, with lightweight, good looking, and maintenance free There is lots of room under the platforms, the workers and tools can go through smoothly Customized according to real needs