Aluworkplatform officially re-starts manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled

In the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the workers, Aluworkplatform officially re-start manufacturing after COVID -19 get generally controlled in Hunan.

re-open after COVID-19

The COVID-19 prevent management group was set up on 10th of Febuary, the first official meeting of the measurement before re-start was held on 12th of Febuary.

Epidemic prevention materials


Through the online questionnaire to conduct a thorough investigation of all the employees, to check the contact person of each employee’s during CNY vacation and assess the infection risk of each employees, to ensure that the personnel who have any infection risk do not return to work.Conduct temperature tests on returning workers and public the notification of epidemic prevention requirements.


Carry out all-round disinfection regularly every day.


Dormitory staffs seating on single table to have their meals in the dining hall ;Employees who do not live in the dormitory then need to bring their own lunch from home and have the lunch in the office table.All the visiting vechiles and personnesl need registered and disinfected.

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