Helicopter Docking

The helicopter dock platforms are widely used in helicopter maintenance, repairing, overhauling, assembly and daily inspection.

Advantages of the helicopter dock developed and manufactured by Alu Work Platform:

  • Made of aluminium, with strong strength, light weight, good-looking, and long service life
  • Equipped with tool box and small mobile steps
  • There is enough room under the platforms, so the personnel and tools can go through under the platform without obstruction
  • There is rubber bumper at the sides to approach helicopter to protect the helicopter from any collision
  • Customized to fit different helicopters.
helicopter maintenance platform
aluminum work platform
aircraft installation platform

Helicopter folding work platform:

Made of aluminum alloy with light weight, good looking, and long service life.

Can be easily folded and opened for better storage, saving lots of rooms than unfolded platform

Can be carried together with helicopter when flight to other places

aluminum work platform
folding platform
aluminum work platform