Engine Assembly Dock

Aluworkplatform has designed and manufactured many assembly dock platform of aircraft engine.The engine assembly stand provides a safety and conveninet platform to assembly engine of aircraft.

  • Design standards:GB 17888-2008,EN ISO 14 122,EN 1915.
  • Made of high-duty aluminum alloy with strong strength, light weight, good corrosion and long service life.
  • Can be easily moved by 1~2 persons.
  • Height adjustable to suit different work height of aircraft engine.
  • Euipped with extending tread to facilitate operations.
  • Euipped with sliding guardrail to protect operators from falling down.

3D design, customized to meet site requirements.

engine assembly platform with extending panel

aircraft engine assembly platform
aircraft assembly dock platform
height adjustable engine assembly platform
aircraft engine assembly dock
adjustable engine assembly dock

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