Aluminum Work Platform

Aluworkplatform is a subsidiary corporation of Halmt, who is specialized in kinds of aluminum work platforms, walkway, ladder and other aluminum structures. Possessed of a standard workshop nearly 20000 square meters in Ningxiang High-tech Industry Zone, Hunan, China and there is over 170 employees, Aluworkplatform can provide a series service of engineering, manufacturing, packing, delivery, and after-sales.

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aircraft vertical tail dock
aluminum cat ladder
wind power equipment assembly platform

What are aluminum work platforms

Aluminum work platforms are widely applied in aviation, rail transportation, oil drilling, paper-making, and other industries.

The aluminum work platforms including aircraft docking, train inspection work platform, oil drilling platform and walkway, paper machine walkway, roof walkway, industry access and so on. The main structure of the platforms are made of aluminum alloy with light weight and strong strength.

Advantages of the aluminum work platforms:

  • Light-weight, can be easily operated
  • Good corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, with long service life
  • Can be painted to required colors
  • Modular design, easy assembly, and convenient transportation
  • Customized according to clients’ requirements to suit different occasions.
  • Loading, stress and safety analysis by experienced engineers
  • Combined with electrical system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system and alarm system, the platform can be height-adjustable
  • With extension panel and adjustable guardrail

Aluminum work platforms in aviation industry including the jigs, tools, ground support equipment,  assembly and maintenance work platforms, for example the nose work platform, fuselage work platform, wing work platform, engine work platform, and tail lifting work platform, boarding ladder and so on.

The designs are strictly complied with the design standard, like EN12312-8, EN ISO14122, MH/T3012.17-2010, GB17888 and other required standard. Aluworkplatform has designed and manufactured many aircraft docking system for Chinese military aircraft.

Aluworkplatform has also cooperated with some business aircraft company, like China Southern Airline, Aritex, Airbus. Especially Airbus, Aluworkplatform has manufactured over 50 items of jigs, tools and aluminum work platforms for Airbus project in Tianjin, and the customer is very happy with our delivery and quality.

Aluminum work platform applied in rail vehicle industry including the train head work platform, side work platform, top work platform, access ladder to train door, contact line inspection ladder and so on.

Most of the work platforms are height-adjustable by electrical system or hydraulic system, some of the platforms are equipped with extended panel and guardrail, the aluminum work platform are made of aluminum, it is easy to move or operate the platform. The aluminum work platform are widely used for train cleaning, inspection, maintenance.

Aluminum work platform is also widely applied in kinds of paper-making equipment. The aluminum walkway and work platform are customized according to the real condition at site, Since the paper-making equipment is very huge, the workers can walk and operate on the aluminum work platform which around the equipment.

The work platforms and walkway are modular designed and partially assembled, it’s very easy to install at site. The aluminum work platform and walkway are made of aluminum which with good corrosion resistance, the service life is much longer than steel work platform under the humid environment of paper machine.

Aluminum work platform is applied in oil drilling ship or platform, the workers can walk on the work platform. Since the oil drilling platform is always off the sea, so the work platform have to be made of aluminum alloy, which with good corrosion resistance and long service life, and it is also easy to install the walkway since it it light-weight.

The aluminum work platform is also applied in roof top, workshop, and other industries, since it is light-weight, beautiful, anti-corrosion, and maintenance free. We are the leading industry aluminum platforms manufacturer in China, looking forward to your cooperation, we will provide the best work platform solution for your needing.